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Get things done by boosting your brain with Lion’s Mane.

Need more energy? The answer is simple – Cordyceps.

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Reshi will help you to get the much-needed relaxation.

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I am still new in the whole concept of medicinal mushrooms, but I have to say I am in love with the ShroomzUp coffee. With every day I feel more energized and focused to get my work done. It has a great taste, it’s just like my favorite morning coffee, but more benefitial. Try it out!

Sam Jacobs, 32

I mostly drink ShroomzUp coffee when I am studying to exams. It keeps me very focused and energized throughout the day.
Great to keep your level up, without the artificial drinks
or having too mush caffeine.

Lisa, 22,
Medicine student

My days start at 5 am and usually end after midnight. However no matter how tired I am, I have problems sleeping and constantly thinking about work. Until I discovered the power of Reishi mushroom. Now I drink my elixir every evening and I am feeling more relaxed than ever!

Antony, 38

I am always looking up for new things to try and to be trendy. That’s how I discovered ShroomzUp
and their coffee cocktails. And the bonus health benefits
really got my attention. Delish!

Alex, 25
Office manager

Well I am a gamer and ShroomzUp is my real life mana. I like the slight taste of the mushrooms
and it keeps me energetic all the time
and finally it’s something natural.

Pete, 28


Medicinal mushrooms can be defined as macroscopic fungi that are used in the form of extracts or powder for prevention, alleviation, or healing of multiple diseases, and/or in balancing a healthy diet.

Usually people think that the effect will be instant, but in fact to feel the ultimate power of the mushrooms, you need to drink regularly, because the effect is accumulating with time. Of course for everyone the time period is differrent, depending on their organism and lifestyle.

You can feel a light taste of the mushrooms in our coffee. If you are not that big of a fan, you can add some milk, cream, sweetener or cinammon to soften the taste. 🙂

You get 40 mg caffeine per cup in ShroomzUp coffee.

A new kinda coffee.

Say hello to ShroomzUp Mushroom infused Coffee.

Why mushroom coffee...?

It's simple. We believe in the power of nature and our secret are the medicinal mushrooms - proven to be benefitial to our health for centuries in the Eastern traditional medicine. So this journey started with pure curiosity that is now our main focus that we love to share.

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