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Shroomzup is our answer in the search for better and more productive life!

Coffee with mushrooms?
Yeah, we know how it sounds at first, but since you are here, we’ve got your interest. So welcome to the amazing world of the natural supplements that can boots your life! So now just thing what do you want to achieve and take the first step. We are with you along the way to give you power and focus.

Our small team of 10 people is dedicated to make our products the best they could be, to give you all the usefull information about the mushrooms and their health benefits and to preserve the amazing taste of our favourite drinks. And believe us, we have tried a lot of things to get here now.

So our secret is…

Our Mushrooms

Try our coffee, tea or elixir variations, depending on the effect
you want to achieve or currently miss in your life.

Lion‘s Mane

Boost your mind and focus to achieve anything you want!


Get the energy you need to fullfil your dreams!


Protect your immune system with the power of nature!


Calm the mind and get the well deserved relaxation you need!

Lion‘s Mane

Lion’s Mane has been clinically demonstrated to enhance cognition including improved memory and recall. It also helps with maintaining focus and attention – something practically every person can benefit from. Lions Mane stimulates the brain activity, helps relieve anxiety and reduces stress which all leads to overall better mental performance.

By increasing a person’s ability to place focus on work or study, individuals will find themselves becoming more efficient in the school or workplace. Lion’s Mane is a natural supplement that improves overall brain function.


Cordyceps is known as an energy booster in the traditional eastern medicine. Some studies also show it may be benefitial for enhancing the athletic performance when consumed for a longer period of time. That is one of the reasons why this mushroom is so popular – you get the boost similar to the widely available energy drinks, but without the artificial ingredients. Superb!

Cordyceps helps in reducing the stress levels and improves the overall performance. These mushrooms also contain antioxidant properties, helping the body to cope with oxidation stress.


No wonder why many people call it the “Kind of mushrooms”.

Chaga is widely used in the traditional eastern medicine due to it’s effects on the immune system – it fights the inflamations of the body and has been proven that chaga contains a lot of different vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are essential for us.

In addition it can help with lowering blood sugar and cholesterol and therefore be benefitial for maintaining diabetes and heart problems.


Reishi has been one of the most widely used mushrooms in the Asian natural medicine and is known for centuries for it’s health benefits. It is believed that reishi helps with reducing fatigue and depression, while fighting with anxiety and overall can help us to improve the quality of sleep. Different studies have shown it can be benefitial for the immune system as well. So who doesn’t want that?

By giving yourself the proper time and supplements, your mind and body will be thankful and working at their best.