Surprising facts about Ginkgo Biloba!

Everybody has heard at least once about Ginkgo Biloba. The extract is derived from the ginkgo biloba tree and is famous for it’s many herbal uses. It managed to survive millions of years and because of it’s importance and medical qualities, the trees are widely protected around the world.

We share with you some facts about the herb which you might not know:

  1. May prevent Alzheimer’s & Dementia
    The Neurological Report published a report saying Ginkgo could help relieve those who suffer from cognitive disorders. This is mainly due to the antioxidant compounds in the extract, including terpenoids and flavonoids.  They stimulate the neural activity and keep cognitive pathways fresh. They can also help for reducing autism symptoms.
  2. Regulates Blood Flow
    The extract of the herb is also able to increase blood vessel dilation and stimulate blood flow. This includes essential organs, skin, oxygenating the body and boosting your strength and energy. Those suffering of poor circulation will be happy to walk longer distances without any pain.
  3. Prevention of Altitude Sickness
    Pretreatment with ginkgo biloba prevents altitude sickness. This is a physical distress which is seen in people who venture from sea level to elevations more than 2000 meters. It is also known as acute mountain sickness.
  4. Vision improvement
    The herb has powerful effect on vision and was used often in ancient medicine. Because of the antioxidants present, the ocular system is kept clear of oxidative stress, preventing mascular degeneration. Pretty cool, huh?
  5. Relieves Asthma
    Ginkgo biloba lowers inflammation and therefore, has positive effect on nerve functioning. Many people who have used it reported that they breathe more easily and witnessed lesser symptoms of asthma.

Overall, using the herb is great for your health. These are just few of the many benefits good for your body. Many people use it for mood control! An easy way to look after your health is to make Shroomzup Mushroom Brain Tea, because it contains ginkgo biloba and tastes great!

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