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Mushroom Elixir Mix with Cordyceps


Shroomzup instant mushroom elixir mix with Cordyceps is a powerful blend that will give you more energy, improved physical performance, and a better mood. Easy to carry and prepare anywhere, anytime.

25 sachets per pack.



Energy has never been tastier. Guaranteed.

All natural ingredients

Because we believe that the best remedies are surrounding us in the nature. Nothing more, nothing less.


Cordyceps has been described as a medicine in old eastern medicine. Tibetan healers recommend Cordyceps as a tonic for all illnesses, because they improve people’s energy, athletic performance, mood and memory levels.

Tasty mix

This powerful combination contains 0,2 gram of Rhodiola fighting stress; 1 gram of Mint and 0,3 grams of Rose hip for great flavor without feeling the mushroom taste

You got the power

Widely used when you need more energy and efficiency in physical activies, at your workplace or when you just want to live life at the fullest.

ShroomzUp is our answer for better living.

You can prepare it in 3 easy steps:

1. Tear the packaging. We have made it simple.
2. Mix the content with 200 ml of hot water.
3. Stir and enjoy your cup of energy.

Enrich the taste of your ShroomzUp Elixir Mix with Cordyceps with animal or nut milk or your favorite sweetener like honey, stevia, etc.
You can also prepare it with ice and enjoy in the hot days.

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no caffeine

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