Quarantine time – good or bad? You decide!

At the end of every year we all decide that the next one will be “our” year. Our time to achieve all we’ve ever wanted, to find the love of our lives, to start the dream job or project. And the beginning of 2020 wasn’t any different. Or is it? 

Now we are facing times that would probably be once in a lifetime. Let’s hope for that. But anyways, now we have to make a choice – to stick with the plan and give our best to achieve our goals or to go with the depression flow. We’ve made up our minds and want to share with you some tips on how to stay positive at home.



  1. I don’t have time for that!
    That is the most common excuse when we are afraid to pursue our dreams. Jokes on us, because now this is definitely not valid anymore. So start with baby steps. First of all take your time to make a clear vision of the things you want in your life – write it down on paper with all the details, visualize them and make a plan for the future steps.
  2. Spring is here
    Don’t be sad that we can go out right now. Make your own heaven at home. Now you can make the big spring cleaning and this time you will do it with pleasure. We can guarantee that. 😀 When you make your place more cozy and clean, your creative energy will increase and you will feel more peaceful.

  3. Your hobbies have missed you!
    Do you remember the good old days when you just enjoyed life and your favorite hobbies. Now we have the time to think about our priorities and decide to look after ourselves more. Because at the end of the day feeling good is what matters. So what it is for you – reading books, painting, playing the guitar, binge watching your favorite TV series, riding a bike, etc. Whatever you prefer – just do it! It’s time to be happy!

  4. Get rid of all the stuff you don’t need
    As humans we tend to buy a lot of stuff we don’t actually use and sometimes we don’t even like. There are a lot of reasons for that, but in special times like now we can reevaluate the excessive things we collect at home. Clear the space, clear the mind. Be thankful for all you have.
    Think about the less fortunate and check for good things you can donate and help others. Something not important for you might be a treasure for someone else.

  5. Show some love
    That is our most important tip. Never forget to show love – tell the people around you, show it to your pets, do everything with passion and most importantly show it to yourself!

We have decided to see the good in every situation. So now we are going to make our favorite cup of Brain Coffee and write down the next steps in our plan for happiness. 

What is your decision?


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