Mushroom Brain Coffee Mix

Unlock your potential with Lion's Mane

Lion's Mane

✔ A natural intelligence & creativity booster.
✔ Enhances concentration & cognitive function.
✔ Supports memory, attention, and creativity.
✔ Increases Nerve Growth Factor, benefiting nerve disorders.
✔ Helps your brain age better.
✔ Reduces depression & stress levels.
✔ Making you happier.

A medicinal mushroom that improves memory and enhances focus and attention. It helps you become more efficient in school or workplace.

Unlock your potential with Cordyceps


✔ Performance Enhancer.
✔ Increases memory levels.
✔ Improves mood.
✔ Counteracts the effects of stress.
✔ Helps you relax.
✔ Counteracts the decline of mental function.
✔ Promotes cognitive health.

Cordyceps fights the effects of stress, like decreased memory and lowered cognitive function. The mushroom has positive benefits on mood and memory levels.

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