Cordyceps stimulates memory and energy, and fights stress

The Cordyceps fungus has been used in traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine for centuries.

This mushroom is best known for its ability to boost energy. Scientists have discovered a lot of testimonies about the qualities of Cordyceps as a stimulant of energy, strength and physical performance.

One of the studies shows that Cordyceps helps increase adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels – a biochemical marker in the body about how much energy is used and stored in our mitochondria. By improving the cellular energy production (in mitochondria) and optimizing its consumption (ATP), your body can improve your physical and mental performance.

Another study demonstrates that patients taking Cordyceps are more durable and can exercise longer and more intensively.

A study among the elderly (50-75 years) shows that volunteers who have taken Cordyceps are more durable in sports than those who have not.

Fights stress and depression

Chronic stress creates inflammation in the brain, therefore, can damage memory and speed up cognitive disorders such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Chronic stress also causes mood disorders and even leads to depression.

According to a scientific study, Cordyceps helps the brain by reducing stress and reducing inflammatory processes. The results show that the intake of the fungud has a positive influence on the mood and boosts the memory.

The results of another study suggest that Cordyceps acts neotropically, stimulating the brain, especially regarding fatigue and stress.

Improves memory and learning speed

A scientific study shows that this unique mushroom contains active components that have proven to improve memory and learning process.

According to another study, Cordyceps supports cognitive function in animals. The results indicate that Cordyceps is a powerful antioxidant and even has the ability to support memory.

A study in 2016 even shows that Cordyceps protects neurons and nerves. The results of the study suggest scientists to believe that in the future the fungus can be used to treat neurological disorders.


Scientific studies show that Cordyceps intake improves energy and cognitive performance and alleviates the mild symptoms of depression. It also supports the nervous system in the fight against stress. Regular consumption of Cordyceps helps memory, productivity and brain health.

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