Cordyceps – among the most powerful mushrooms for your health!

Cordyceps has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. These fungi are prized for their many health benefits and natural abilities. They are energizing adaptogens that boost your immunity, prevent weakness and stress, improve your performance and fight against infections and inflammation. These cool mushrooms grow in the Tibet region and are also called the Chinese caterpillar fungus.

Let’s dig deeper in some of the health benefits:

  1. Athletic Performance Improvement
    Studies suggest that cordyceps improve stamina and endurance. This is because they boost the body’s supply of ATP – one of the primary sources of energy during exercise. The mushroom contains adenosine, which is a type of nucleic acid, needed to make ATP that is depleted in the muscles during physical activity.
  2. Slows Aging
    As an antioxidant, cordyceps can help prevent oxidative stress and slow the signs of aging.  The medicinal mushroom can boost your brain function, strengthen your memory and even extend your longevity. Animal studies in China found that administering cordyceps extract to fruit flies, blocked oxidative stress to the cells and confirmed the anti-aging properties. Who doesn’t want to look younger?
  3. Immune Function
    The consumption of cordyceps benefits the immune function and can help optimize reproductive systems. It may be especially beneficial in the treatment of conditions, such as Crohn’s disease, leaky gut, arthritis and asthma. Animal models conducted by Chung Shan Medical University showed that the mushrooms were effective at reducing inflammation in the airways of mice, which can add to asthma treatment.
  4. Fight Cancer Cells
    Several studies found that cordyceps could have powerful anti-cancer properties and may block the spread and growth of different types of cancer. To be more specific – growth of lung, liver and colorectal cancer cells. These medical mushrooms can reduce side effects from the cancer treatment, including leukopenia that results in a decrease in the amount of white blood cells in the body and therefore – higher risk of infection.

If you want to bring some serious health benefits in the long-run, you should definitely add these fungi to your nutrition and routine. Other good news is that one of the amazing ingredients of Shroomzup Mushroom Brain Tea is Cordyceps. Have it daily and you will receive so many benefits for your health just in one cup!

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