Boost your brainpower!

Feeling like your brain is stuck working from home? We know how that feels.

But there is an ingredient called Gotu Kola that is coming to rescue you. The plant is called the “herb of longevity” and it is a staple in Chinese, Indonesian, and Ayurvedic medicine. Accoriding to a review by the US National Institute of Health from 2016, it is famous for boosting your cognitive function, treat memory diseases, reduce of anxiety and stress, heal skin issues and promote kidney and liver health. Read further to check out some other interesting benefits that it has for your overall health:


  • Improve circulation and reduce swelling


Researches found that the herb can reduce problems with fluid retention, swelling of ankles and circulation. Participants in a study who were asked to take Gotu Kola two days before a flight, experienced less fluid retention and swelling than those who didn’t. It’s metabolic effect also has a positive impact on the connective tissue of the vascular wall.


  • It can help ease insomnia


If you experience anxiety, stress and depression- insomnia comes hand in hand with them. It is considered that the herb is a safe alternative to prescription medications against sleep disorders.


  • It may reduce stretch marks


Stretch marks are really a piece of work. The review by the institution says that the terpenoids found in Gotu Kola increase collagen production in the body. And this may help prevent new stretch marks and also heal existing marks.


  • Wound healing effect and minimizing scarring


The herb may have effect on multiple types of wounds. If you have a clean cut by sharp objects or anything by a blunt-force trauma and infected tissue, Gotu Kola might be in your favor.


  • Detox effect


Detox is always a good idea! The herb can be used to suppress the toxic side effects of the antibiotic isoniazid which is used to treat tuberculosis.

Overall, Gotu Kola is safe to use and if you are thinking – “from where do I get it?”, it is part of the ingredients of Shroomzup Mushroom Brain Tea. A cup of tea a day would keep you healthy and with positive energy!

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