6 Tips for Productivity and Happiness

Optimize your daily routine and become more productive with these simple yet effective tips.

1. Set your goals

You need a plan if you want to live your life in your way. Where do you imagine yourself in 5, 10, or even 40 years? Think about what you want in life, and set your goals. Then make a plan how to get there.

2. Make a Plan

Decide what is required to achieve your goals and create a plan. Break up each goal into smaller goals that need to be passed in order to reach the main ones. Make a schedule with daily, weekly, and annual objectives. Setting and achieving small goals as part of the big ones will maintain your motivation.

3. Don’t lose focus

The ability to concentrate will improve your ability to learn, remember, think and react quickly. This ability determines your productivity and how fast you will achieve your goals. Stop doing many things at once! Concentrating only on one activity is not easy at all, but if you want to focus, you need to train your concentration by dedicating yourself to a single task.

4. Don’t get distracted

You read your emails as soon as you receive them? You might think that replying right away is a sign of productivity, but this way you are actually getting distracted from the more important tasks you need to do. If you want to be more productive, turn off the notifications on your phone and answer your emails only 2 or 3 times a day.

5. Be consistent

Persistence is one of the most important factors for success. To be consistent means to move forward, regardless the obstacles. If, on daily basis, you spend enough time on achieving your goals on, you have a much better chance of success.

6. Be obsessed with your goals

Successful people define what they want to achieve and become obsessed with it. Obsession is usually seen as something negative, but regarding success, it’s the state you need to be in order to achieve your goals.

Bonus tip for productivity

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