5 tips for productivity at home


We are all facing a new world after the outbreak of COVID-19 and the following lockdown for most of the countries. This will affect our lives in many ways, but we can overcome everything with faith, passion and innovative thinking.

If you also have to work from home, here are 5 tips from us that will keep you on the track.

1.Start the day at the usual time you do it for work

It’s really important to continue with your normal schedule and get up at the usual time. This way you will feel qiute the same about work, but you will have an extra hour for yourself, that used to be consumed with traveling to the office. And we cannot think of a better way to start the day, but with self care and enjoying the things you love.

2. Make a plan the night before

Plan your day hour by hour the night before. That way you will stay focused to finish the tasks in time and to never miss an important one. We all know the temptation to see one more episode of our favorite TV series after the lunch break or to spend some time with loved ones. But we have time for everything if we manage it the right way. Now is the time to show if you are a real leader!

3. Stay hydrated

At home you can easily lose track of the time and get lost in the day. Always keep a cup of water by your side to remind you to stay hydrated on one side, but to do some physical activities on the other every 30 minutes. Also it is recommended to drink a beverage every 15 minutes to keep the bacteria of the viruses away. Did you drink enough today?

4. Focus? I need you!

So many distractions at home – family, kids jumping around, the pet wants some attention, friends are texting… It’s hard, but you need to remain focused to get your work done effectively. Find a quiet place, turn off any unnecessary gadgets and do the tasks in 30 minutes sprints. After that take a quick brake and start again.

5. Recharge your mind

Have you tried to play some short brain games? The internet is full with such exercises for 5 minutes that will make your mind sharper. And if you mix that with a cup of Brain Tea or Brain Coffee, you will be unstoppable during the day!

As we like to say “This will also pass”, so let’s make the best of it!

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